Machining and machine design have always been our passions
The MANURHIN K'MX swiss type lathes

MANURHIN K'MX sliding headstocks allow the production of medium and large series of complex parts up to Ø 36 mm.

MORI-SAY mechanical multispindles are the best compromise on the market for medium and large series.
Rebuilt WICKMAN lathes:

Over 15 000 machines sold worldwide.
Wickman lathes remain reliable machines for medium and large production runs

Cucchi-BLT bar loaders

Multispindle cam-type and CNC lathes
Single spindle lathes and swiss type lathes

Photo Manurhin


TAJMAC-Deutschland markets the MORI-SAY and Wickman multispindle lathes, the MANURHIN K’MX mobile dolls and the Cucchi-BLT loaders. Located in the heart of the Arve valley, it benefits from a strategic location.

Always attentive to its customers’ needs, TAJMAC-Deutschland accompanies them during all stages of their projects. TAJMAC-Deutschland accompanies you from the study to the machine configuration with its installation, as well as with the follow – up of maintenance up to the supply of spare parts.

Also, as a seller of second hand machines (all brands), TAJMAC-Deutschland is an essential partner in the overhaul of your old machines.

Our mission is to meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, flexibility and technicality.

Our services


Customer service

TAJMAC-Deutschland is taking care customer services for all products of the group, both for the machines sold and for the existing stock, with aim of satisfying his customers
A team of technicians be attentive to assist you and solve the problem by phone, thus avoiding unnecessary costs.



Stay always efficient and enjoy the training provided by TAJMAC-Deutschland whether for use, programming, electrical and mechanical maintenance of your machines.

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