MORI-SAY 657 AC / 667 AC

Characteristics :

The MORI-SAY 657 AC and 667 AC towers have been specially designed for machining complex workpieces with high chip removal.
These machines can machine bars of diameter 70 mm up to 130 kg.
They are also available in the Siemens 840D Solution Line CNC version, capable of handling up to 9 axes as needed while maintaining the same flexibility of setting the smaller capacity MORI-SAY towers.

Technical data

Technical data MORI-SAY 657 AC / 657 S AC MORI-SAY 667 AC
Number of spindle 6 6
Max. bar capacity 57 mm 67 mm
Max feeding length 160 mm 160 mm
Max. spindle speed AC 3.200 rpm 3.200 rpm
Max. spindle speed S AC (version with spindle stop) 2.750 rpm
Spindle motor power 30 kW 30 kW
Indexing time 1,25 sec 1,25 sec

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