MORI-SAY 832 AC / 842 AC

Characteristics :

When parts cannot be finished on 6 spindles machines is complicated, the MORI-SAY 8/32 AC and MORI-SAY 8/42 AC become the good choice.
The main charachteristic of the stoppen machine is during the indexing, from station 3 to 8, the spindle stoppedkeep his oriented position givig several radial operations oriented.
The strenght of those machines is a huge choice of accessories and attachments giving at the end user to produce complicated components cancelling second operation out of the machines.

Technical data

Technical data MORI-SAY 832 AC / 832 S AC MORI-SAY 842 AC / 842 S AC
Number of spindle 8 8
Max. bar capacity 32 mm 42 mm
Max feeding length 125 mm 125 mm
Max. spindle speed AC 3.750 rpm 3.200 rpm
Max. spindle speed S AC (version with spindle stop) 3.200 rpm 3.200 rpm
Spindle motor power 37 kW 37 kW
Indexing time 1 sec from 1 to 1,3 sec

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