Characteristics :

The 8 spindles MORI-SAY TMZ 867 CNC lathe can manufacture parts from bars as well as raw or rough parts.
This machine combines the high productivity and robustness of the cam-operated multi-spindle with the advantages of numerical control, the use of which has been made easier for operators with the help of our TMIS software.
The large machining area of the machine provides comfortable access for adjustment and facilitates chip evacuation.
The machine is equipped with a double NC Siemens 840D Solution line for the control of 32 basic axes and an optional additional 24 axes.
The 8 independent spindles with AC motors have a power of 11 kW allowing the machining of difficult materials.

In option :

  • Up to 5 Y-axis carriages, each with space for 3 fixed or rotating tools
  • Possibility of double pick-up

Technical data

Technical data MORI-SAY TMZ 867 CNC
Number of spindle 8
Max. bar capacity 67 mm
Max feeding length 200 mm
Max. spindle speed 2.500 rpm
Spindle motor power 20 kW
Indexing time 1 sec
Number of longitudinal slides 8
Number of cross slides 7

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