Multi L

The MULTI-L bar loader, thanks to its thirty-year evolution, embodies reliability and performance in a single product.
The lathe’s feed grippers are no longer required and the machine can be set up quickly and easily. The bar fall recovery is carried out at the rear of the bar feeder avoiding breaking the tools and blocking the chip conveyor.
The numerous accessories available and the choice of colours make the bar loader perfectly integrated to your lathe.
Option: Loading system : Elevator or Bundle up to 1.5 T.


Caractéristiques techniques MORI-SAY 620 AC MORI-SAY 620 S AC
Number of spindle 6 6
Max bar diameter 20mm 20mm
Max feeding length 100mm 100mm
Max spindle speed rpm 500 - 6 000 min-1 500 - 4 500 min-1
Spindle motor power 9 kW 9 kW
Indexing time 0,5 - 0,8 0,7
Max cycle time 90 sec 90 sec

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