One 92

Description :

  • 4 carriages
  • 1 cutting carriage position 6
  • 1 central block with 6 positions
  • Machine with PLC and star start
  • 11kW main spindle motor
  • End of bar detector with controlled stop
  • Watering system for cutting oil complete / splashguard
  • Fully illuminated machining area
  • Set of service tools and adjustment gauges
  • Sets of grippers, clamping, and reduction rings
  • Pinion sets for pin speeds and feed rates


  • New crankcase designs
  • PLC control to manage all machine environments like the bar feeder, HP pump, tool breakage systems, length detector, and special equipment …
  • Thanks to the scales with simplified settings, the machine is able to produce parts in medium and large series without making new cams