Today's market for parts machined by multispindle lathes demands ever higher quality standards, improved flexibility and contained costs. The purpose of the companies of the TAJMAC Group is to satisfy these demands. To achieve this goal, TAJMAC has developed a range of lathes called MORI-SAY, based on several sturdily designed models of proven reliability, easily adaptable to satisfy the ever changing requirements of their many different users. The flexibility of the MORI-SAYs allows TAJMAC to offer its services before even proposing its machinery: whatever the production requirements of its customers, TAJMAC will assist them, investigate and determine the most effective way to satisfy any particular requirement. As a result, the offer of a MORI-SAY is not only for a multispindle lathe but for a customized multispindle lathe adapted, equipped and, when necessary, modified to efficiently satisfy the requirements of its user. The machine can be delivered “Turn-key”, fully equipped, tooled and tested for the production of parts specified by the customer.
MORI-SAY 620 AC / 620 S AC
Multispindles cam machine for small bar capacity with high rigidity, high accuracy and very fast.
MORI-SAY 632 AC / 642 AC
These multispindles based on the MORI-SAY 8 spindles structure which is more robust and rigid. Accurate machine due to HIRTH coupling.
MORI-SAY 657 AC / 667 AC
The MORI-SAY 657 AC and 667 AC towers have been specially designed for machining complex workpieces with high chip removal.
MORI-SAY 832 AC / 842 AC
When parts cannot be finished on 6 spindles machines is complicated, the MORI-SAY 8/32 AC and MORI-SAY 8/42 AC become the good choice.
Six-spindle fully CNC-controlled automatic lathe of high accuracy, rigidity and speed.
MORI-SAY TMZ 632 / 642 CNC
The 6-spindle MORI-SAY TMZ 632 / 642 CNC lathe can manufacture parts from bars as well as raw or rough parts.
The Mori-Say 8/42 has been developped for the medium and high component productions with tight tolerances from bars or blank parts.
The 8-spindle MORI-SAY TMZ 867 CNC lathe can manufacture parts from bars as well as raw or rough parts.

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